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no signal

We just got our freesat box this afternoon and it was working fine, but now every channel I try says no signal. I'm completely new to all this - any suggestions as to why we've already lost the signal we had earlier today?

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Re: no signal

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Hello ss_carrot


I'm sorry to hear about the loss of signal your experiencing. It's simply not possible for us to say for sure what caused the issue here as there are a number of equally likely possibilities. It's a method of elimination I'm afraid.


Firstly, I can rule out the broadcast as all channels are broadcasting and as we only have the single broadcast that blankets the country. This means it will very likely be an issue with your equipment.

Check the obvious things first like all the cables are still securely attached. The best way to check this is to turn everything off and take the cables out and then reconnect them.


The next step would be to try a retune/first time install. If it is your dish at fault then a retune wont be possible and you will likely get a message saying Astra2 satellite not found. If this is the case its best to next contact the manufacturer of your freesat box or TV. They will be able to help ensure it is not the freesat box or integrated TV causing the loss of signal. Its unlikely to be but well worth ruling out as the next step would be to get a professional installer out to perform a service call, typically costing £65.


If you require an installer service call to check your dish, cables and alignment you can give our freesat customer service centre a call on 0845 313 0051.  An advisor will be able to put you in touch with a freesat-approved installer.

There is no contract with freesat so you are free to use any installer you wish but we recommend using one that is freesat approved.


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Re: no signal

Alternatively to lashing out the best part of a ton on a professional to say your satellite signal is OK or not, you could lay out less than twenty quid on a sat meter of your choice

Other good retailers are available !

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